Friday, March 24, 2006


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jobs in software industry

**************** GOLDEN OFFER*********************
Make hurry
Job for every one.
We need manpower.
If you are a scientist, engineer, doctor(MBBS, BHMS, Ayurved, Homeopathy orveterinary ), architect, MBA, Masters or bachelors degree or diploma( Arts, commerce, science),
mechanic, plumber, electrician, gardener, potter, house keeper etc etc etc
thief, bandit, politician
even artists, writters, poets.
with or without qualifications
with or without experience.

don't worry. Just login in any software firm nearby.
be happy
Ha haha hahahahahahha..............................................................

Friday, February 24, 2006


Sometime in your life you realize something from within and it is like taking the birth once agian. Every time time you born life become more and more clear. When i went through that experience .................


It was very strange experience of giving birth.
And more strange to give the birth to yourself in the twenty-fifth revolution.

Finally I got the new face but with the old label.
I tried to remove it but it doesn’t want to loose its identity.

I tried to pour myself in the given test tube but sure to overflow
The more crucial is –
there is nothing to flow through neither a tunnel nor a tube not even single capillary.

I hope one day the waves will penetrate through the rock or
may be I will evaporate to a drop.

Some organism is creeping inside the skin.
I don’t know how to feel …..
donating myself or getting hunt.

I packed myself with folded limbs in the leather bag.
I want to breath………….
I want to breath a fresh spirit.

I realized my soul with two wings

Ready to fly
I took a leap and spread my wings.

There was no patch of earth to land.
Sometimes feeling tired

But it is my destiny on my own urge.
I am increasing my strength
Getting thousands of wings daily.

Now searching for my own sky
towards the light
across the vision.

- prasadb

Screening on NDTV

You probably know that I made three short films (5 to 7 min. each) for HIV awareness. The purpose of the films is to provide the ground for group discussion. I used stop motion (pixelation) technique. The project name was आहत . One of those films is going to be screened on NDTV. I will inform about the exact day and time later.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

2 New blogs

I started two new blogs. One based on my last project in which I made few short films for AIDS awareness. I will put my work step by step on this blog. i would like to get your feed back. And the other blog is dedicated to the Folk culture of Maharashtra. For one of my project i was involved in the study of folk culture. I would like to share the intersting information I got through this blog.
Check in the links- Project 2 & Khirapat

Educational aid for Geometry

This is an attempt to create some material which will be helpful to the teachers as well as children to learn geometry.
For the children especially who are weak in studies, mathematics is like a nightmare. School result at SSC level is almost equal to the result of mathematics. An educational aid can make the learning process easy and possibly remove the fear for the subject. It also can help the teachers to teach with interesting methods and can reduce the teaching time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

When I am alone

when i am alone
i choose the darkness
immersed in the deep silence

it seeps through my ego
and i feel light within.

Friday, February 17, 2006


this is my first entry to this world